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Well, it was another week. Work is pretty bad now, although the woman who got deployed two weeks ago is now being returned to us, as her orders had been cancelled and then the cancellation lost. sigh. So that should make next week a bit better. And sooner or later I'll get over not wanting to post from work and do quick posts more often. I did interview the guy I brought in, and everybody liked him, so now it's up to me to say whether I can work with him for 6-12 months. And I'm just not sure, but not sure if I'm not sure because I have cold feet about maybe being wrong or if I'm really having doubts.

I spent yet more time deciding that Charlotte is bad, especially as I'm trying to to call the couple of close friends in Boston too often. Every time I go to Boston I have to keep myself from calling daily (well, not quite that often, but you know) for a few weeks until I get back in the habit. Which is a really sad statement, ain't it? sigh.

I did manage to write the first two parts of the Viking story, and have even sent part 1 to a friend (if you wish it sent to you as well to help me edit, let me know). My sex drive is reawakened and, wouldn't you know it, I have nobody to play with. ah well, that's what toys are for, right?

I booked my flights to England/Ireland for April to see my relatives. My grandmother just entered assisted living, however she's currently in one of those apartments where there's help around but she doesn't have to take it. The assumption was that she could continue taking care of herself with a little help. But my dad (who just got back from moving her in) says she's not remembering her medications or being able to do much of anything for herself, and may have to go into true assisted living. This is the grandmother who taught me stitching and everything, and I'm starting to deal with the fact that she's really not the same wonderful woman I knew as a child.

Wow, that took a left turn into sadsville. The flights are mostly a positive thing. This will be my first time in Ireland (even though I've been to England at least 15 times), so I'm looking forward to that. And I'll get to see an old friend who moved there, and that's good too :)

This week I'm stitching Parrot Tulips, reading trash as I try to fight off a cold, and watched Being Julia (which I do recommend if you haven't seen it).
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