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fenicedautun ([personal profile] fenicedautun) wrote2011-03-25 09:29 am

Ice Skating Sunday!

OK, so I decided that nobody else is excited enough about ice skating to help me make it happen, so I'm going to make it happen all on my own. I will be heading to the Somerville Veterans Memorial ice rink for free skate on Sunday. I will get there sometime between 3:30 and 4pm. If other people are there, I'll likely skate and hang out for 2 hours, otherwise it will be between 30mins and 1hr (there's only so much skating in a circle I want to do).

So I think YOU should join me! It's free, with a reasonable skate rental charge. The ice isn't super, but it's indoors and somewhat maintained, so it's not horrible. I'm fairly proficient, and happy to help people maintain balance, or just give kids a push so they can go around the ice pretty fast. If you wish to join me, and are worried I won't wait for you, drop me an e-mail at this name at gmail.

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I would, I haven't been ice skating in ages, but a little far away...