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I'll be importing my journal to dreamwidth as part of the migration, but first had to set up an account. So here I am on dreamwidth. Please friend me if you recognize me, and I'll be slowly setting up my friends circle here.
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As most of you have heard, J and I are continuing to try to get his house packed up. At this point, we have mostly completed the inventory, which means now we're just packing things as fast as we can, and we'd love help. Pretty please.

When: Saturdays and Sundays (March 23, 24, 30, 31) in the afternoon (possibly mornings as well, but let us know you're coming)
Where: J's house in Burlington (message/e-mail for directions/address)
Why: For the feeling of helping your fellow man and being fed take-out

OK, you say, but what's in it for me? We have a lot of stuff still to give away including furniture (bookcases and other furniture), tableware, some kitchen stuff/electronics, sewing supplies (inc fabric), and books. Come help and then take what you want home!

But you say you have a bad back? No problem. We are NOT looking for people to just lift and carry heavy stuff (that skill is not scorned, and there is box moving to be done, but it is not the primary objective here). We are looking for people to pack things. That includes heavier things (books, paper, etc) as well as lighter objects (sitting at a table carefully packing china/crystal or throwing T-shirts in boxes).

So if you can come out, come hang out with us and pack a few boxes. :)
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This is a x-post from J's journal for greater visibility. Please e-mail me or him if you need directions.

As a lot of you have heard, I'm slowly divesting myself of Stuff, pursuant to eventually selling the house in Burlington sometime next year. To that end, I am having The Great Crossert Yard Sale, on the last weekend of September.

The main focus is books -- vast, huge numbers of books. 893 at current count, and I'm still sorting stuff quickly: the plan is for the sale to include about 1500 books, and much of it is very high-quality, with a lot of depth in topics ranging from history to science fiction to heraldry to cooking.

There's also going to be lots of other stuff: garb, CDs, perfume, and a bunch of other miscellanea. (Yes, a bunch of it is Jane's stuff looking for a good home, although a lot of my stuff is also going to be included.)

Yes, I know the date conflicts with Endgame. Sorry about that, but there's no such thing as a free weekend. (And it's better than conflicting with Coronation.)

So please mark it on your calendars, and come on by. I expect to run it both Saturday and Sunday, probably in typical college book sale fashion: something like $2/book to start with, and finishing up with buck-a-bag on Sunday afternoon once the very best stuff has been picked over.
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Well, besides the weather, I had a pretty good week. I'm doing a couple of interviews with some interesting companies (one today that I'm pretty excited about), so cross your fingers for me. Work continues to be busy and annoying, but what else is new? I'm still dealing with refi and car repairs, so lots of paperwork. But this weekend (mainly due to weather), I stayed in and read and watched stuff, so lots of reviews under the cut Read more... )
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My mother was going through her jewelry box (mostly the old stuff, not the really valuable stuff), and came up with a necklace that she loved but kept breaking. It's black (possibly jet) polyhedrons (roughly spherical) individually knotted on a string, with a large teardrop pendant in the center. The center is what keeps breaking (apparently the teardrop is too heavy). Any thoughts for solutions? Would jewelry wire work?
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Is there any way to set the default for new items to not have reminders? I'm failing to find it.

Also, is there any truly compelling reason I should join Google+? (eta: I am not on facebook and have never really had any true desire to join it. Also, I keep very distinct google identities for myself professionally and personally.)
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So Lucrezia (the wonderful woman who cleans my house) has asked if I would be willing to teach her embroidery. Of course I would, but it strikes me that a) there might be other people who wish to learn and b) this type of thing is sometimes easier to teach with a small group. So, if you (or feel free to point somebody else you know here) think this might be something you're interested in, drop me a comment? Depending on interest, I might do this as a few crafts nights, or a more structured class type thing.
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OK, so I decided that nobody else is excited enough about ice skating to help me make it happen, so I'm going to make it happen all on my own. I will be heading to the Somerville Veterans Memorial ice rink for free skate on Sunday. I will get there sometime between 3:30 and 4pm. If other people are there, I'll likely skate and hang out for 2 hours, otherwise it will be between 30mins and 1hr (there's only so much skating in a circle I want to do).

So I think YOU should join me! It's free, with a reasonable skate rental charge. The ice isn't super, but it's indoors and somewhat maintained, so it's not horrible. I'm fairly proficient, and happy to help people maintain balance, or just give kids a push so they can go around the ice pretty fast. If you wish to join me, and are worried I won't wait for you, drop me an e-mail at this name at gmail.
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So, I have been challenged to include at least some social in each weekend, and I agree that that is good for me. However, large party social is often not my thing, both due to number of people and late hour. So I will likely be trying to organize smaller gatherings, either meeting for coffee/dinner/movie or things like crafts-night. I have a core group of people that I see relatively frequently (you know who you are), but I've somewhat lost track of who else is out there who would be interested in smaller gatherings. So, I've made comments anonymous, and I will not be replying to them, but I will be making notes of who has signalled interest (and what you've signalled interest in doing). If you think I don't have your e-mail, you could include that too :)

Also, if you ever are looking for somebody to go with you to movie or to try a new restaurant or go shopping or want a buddy for something, please do think of me. :)
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So, beah and I are still hosting girls night on Friday at my place. Currently, the thought is that we'll provide dumplings and beverages, but if you wanted to bring other food to share (appetizers, snacks, desserts, whatever) it would be appreciated. We are expecting a nice low-key evening, not super crowded even. Feel free to show up anytime after 6:30pm, probably won't wrap up until 10pm or later.
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Girls Night will be February 6 at my house, probably starting around 7pm. My thought for this girls night is dumplings! I live around the corner from Wangs which sells frozen dumplings that they've made themselves (they're awesome) that you can boil at home. You can see a list of their dumpling flavors at http://www.menulizard.com/restaurant/250/ (down the bottom)

I'm also thinking there could be needlecrafts, or other transportable not-terribly-messy crafts. And there will probably be other food as well (please let me know if you would like to bring anything). We (being myself and beah) are looking for RSVPs to try to make sure we have the right amount of food, but feel free to show up if you haven't RSVP'd. You can comment here or, even better, email me at lj-name at gmail. Feel free to give me your dumpling flavor request or any other suggestions you have for our girls night.

PS Feel free to link your journal to this. Hopefully I've got the comments thing working right this time!
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It's been FOREVER since there's been Girls Night. or at least since I could attend one. I believe I can be free on Feb 6 (or possibly Feb 20 or 27) to host a girls night at my place (near Davis/Ball squares). Ideas include crafts, take-out, make your own pizza (or other food), pot-luck, movies (although that might get cozy if there's more than 6 people), you name it. So, tell me if that sounds interesting, and what you'd like girls night to look like.

In other words, trying to gauge interest in girls/crafts night. I've left this post non-friends locked so people can point regular girls-nighters here, since if there are not enough people interested, I'll probably just punt the idea for another few months.
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I've been thinking for a while about adding a question of the day to my lj every weekday I'm at work (as I don't tend to get on the computer when not), but I've procrastinated because I didn't know if anybody would want to answer. But then I decided I didn't care and I'd post anyways. For this particular question, if you want to post to your LJ, I'd love you forever as I REALLY want an answer that makes sense.

Before 1600, music was composed using the modal scales. After 1610, pretty much all music was composed in tonal scales (I believe the crossover was between 1603 and 1611, but please correct me if I'm wrong). Obviously, musicians were working continuously through this period, and switching from modal to tonal is relatively difficult, as it's all about what sounds "right". Given this, who invented the tonal system? Why did it gain such widespread and quick acceptance? Were there any contributing factors (political/economic/etc) that helped with this quick acceptance?
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Well, it was another week. Work is pretty bad now, although the woman who got deployed two weeks ago is now being returned to us, as her orders had been cancelled and then the cancellation lost. sigh. So that should make next week a bit better. And sooner or later I'll get over not wanting to post from work and do quick posts more often. I did interview the guy I brought in, and everybody liked him, so now it's up to me to say whether I can work with him for 6-12 months. And I'm just not sure, but not sure if I'm not sure because I have cold feet about maybe being wrong or if I'm really having doubts.

I spent yet more time deciding that Charlotte is bad, especially as I'm trying to to call the couple of close friends in Boston too often. Every time I go to Boston I have to keep myself from calling daily (well, not quite that often, but you know) for a few weeks until I get back in the habit. Which is a really sad statement, ain't it? sigh.

I did manage to write the first two parts of the Viking story, and have even sent part 1 to a friend (if you wish it sent to you as well to help me edit, let me know). My sex drive is reawakened and, wouldn't you know it, I have nobody to play with. ah well, that's what toys are for, right?

I booked my flights to England/Ireland for April to see my relatives. My grandmother just entered assisted living, however she's currently in one of those apartments where there's help around but she doesn't have to take it. The assumption was that she could continue taking care of herself with a little help. But my dad (who just got back from moving her in) says she's not remembering her medications or being able to do much of anything for herself, and may have to go into true assisted living. This is the grandmother who taught me stitching and everything, and I'm starting to deal with the fact that she's really not the same wonderful woman I knew as a child.

Wow, that took a left turn into sadsville. The flights are mostly a positive thing. This will be my first time in Ireland (even though I've been to England at least 15 times), so I'm looking forward to that. And I'll get to see an old friend who moved there, and that's good too :)

This week I'm stitching Parrot Tulips, reading trash as I try to fight off a cold, and watched Being Julia (which I do recommend if you haven't seen it).
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